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About Us

What is The Palms Medical Detox Center?


The Palms is a confidential, medically supervised, hospital-based detoxification center. Our center provides treatment for substance abuse in a private,  supervised environment where high quality medical care is readily available.

Why Detox? 
Prior to any type of recovery or rehabilitation program dealing with the psychological aspects of addiction, individuals benefit from an alcohol or drug detoxification that addresses the physical aspects of addiction. That is exactly what we do here at The Palms. We are not a rehabilitation center, but if and when you are ready for one, we are familiar with some of the most respected facilities across the country. Our highly trained staff can assist you in finding the most appropriate care. 

What We Do


At The Palms, our trained healthcare professionals can help ease your fears of weathering the drug and alcohol withdrawal process. We provide a high level of comfort as we cleanse the alcohol and drugs from your system, utilizing some of the most advanced methods. So whether you need to detox from alcohol, narcotics, opiates, prescription medications, other substances, or a combination, we help clean and remove them from your system. Once you've completed this course of treatment, you can move forward with a clear head, making smart decisions about what is next for you.