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Family Advisor

Often times, the family advisor is the first person that sees the dysfunction caused by abuse of alcohol and drugs in the family system. Medical detox in a comfortable, resort-style setting with advanced medical care is the first step in managing a crisis for health issues related to alcohol and drugs. At The Palms at Good Samaritan, we focus on the individual medical needs of each client in a comfortable and confidential setting. The Palms is dedicated to providing a safe and professional environment to stabilize the family and start a conversation about the person taking back control of their life, while addressing the underlying causes of addiction. The Palms at Good Samaritan can help you navigate through the treatment, sober coach, and companion process and help you build a stable and grounded foundation for the individual struggling with alcohol and/or drugs. The family advisor can play a critical role in helping the family understand the impact this can have, and the staff at The Palms will help them navigate through this. Help is a phone call away.