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When an individual is unwilling or unable to come to grips with the reality that alcohol and/or drugs are impairing them, loved ones, family advisors or caring individuals often seek professionals to facilitate a conversation about the addicted individual receiving help. The Palms at Good Samaritan Medical Center staff can guide the individual, family advisor or group seeking the intervention services to professional, confidential resources and interventionists. The Palms provides a discreet medical detox allowing the individual and interventionist a confidential, concierge environment to begin recovery from addiction. 

Interventions often include the following:

  • Deciding on an appropriate model. (Invitational, confronting, medical, legal, etc.)

  • Choosing what type of interventionist and style will be beneficial in the success of the intervention.

  • A fact-finding meeting to determine what is happening in the addicted individual’s life, and then a collaboration of ideas as to how they can be approached in a respectful and caring manner to encourage them to get the help they need.

  • Identifying the course of care (residential, outpatient, sober coach, therapist, etc.)

  • How the person will receive care and from whom.


Family Intervention

While many patients admit themselves into our program, others are admitted by loved ones who are concerned about a family member's drug or alcohol addiction. When despite all reason, threats and ultimatums, an addict seems unable to help him/herself, the situation may call for a family intervention. When this is the situation, the staff at The Palms at Good Samaritan Medical Center can help. Even when done successfully, an intervention is a difficult task that requires the delicacy and skills of a trained interventionist. This individual will help you put a treatment plan in place, organizing the process and meeting with the individuals who will be involved. When the addict realizes that his or her problem is no longer a secret and is negatively impacting those around him/her, many will agree to detox admission at The Palms. Our staff has access to some of the most highly trained, discreet, and professional interventionists in the world and can facilitate the introduction to start the process of getting your family member help.


Executive/Impaired Professional

Professionals often excel in their position and their accomplishments define them. Their work is often very competitive, requires long hours and takes a toll on their personal and professional life. Oftentimes, professionals turn to alcohol and medication to help cope with the stress in their life, not realizing they can become addicted to the substances that are giving them relief at the moment. Interventions for executive/impaired professionals can be conducted in a professional, courteous, and respectful environment. Frequently, professional colleagues and other executive staff are involved and can help convey the impact the person using has had on those around them. The Palms at Good Samaritan Medical center has extensive experience and resources dealing with this type of individual. Please contact one of our intake professionals at 561.671.7027 to start the road to wellness.



Elite athletes often endure the rigors of their achievements in intense situations and often while battling intense pain seek medication for relief from that pain. Situations arise when the medication taken for relief, becomes a hindrance when he/she becomes dependent upon the drugs. This often times clouds their judgement and ability to perform. A comfortable medical detox is often necessary to ensure the athlete’s body and mind can function at optimum levels. Professional athletes have privacy issues to consider when seeking help. The Palms at Good Samaritan Medical Center is able to medically detox in a private Hospital with luxury amenities while maintaining confidentiality. Patients are brought in through a private entrance to allow for total anonymity while addressing their complex medical detox needs. Located on the Intracoastal Waterway in West Palm Beach, The Palms is dedicated to providing  a safe and serene setting to begin to reclaim one’s life in the comfort of Good Samaritan Medical Center.