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Are you ready?

When you are ready to begin again-chemical free-the medical professionals at The Palms will be here to help you withdraw from alcohol or drugs, in a private, upscale environment. Make today your new beginning. Call 561.671.7027 today for your private, personal discovery tour.

The Palms alcohol and drug detox center is a medical-supervised detox program located in Florida. Patients travel nationwide to get the help they need at our Palm Beach-area detox center. We provide confidential and private treatment in a caring and supportive environment.

Our Florida detox center is located on the premises of the Good Samaritan Hospital, one of the finest medical facilities in the area. While we are not a rehabilitation center, we are happy to refer you to one when you are ready. The Palms will help you towards your first steps on the road to recovery and will help you lead a substance-free lifestyle.

We treat patients to a private check-in process in our upscale facility. Many patients say they feel as though they are checking into a luxury resort instead of a detox center. Our facility features an expansive lobby that boasts ocean views. We offer our patients all of the comforts of home in their rooms, including luxury robes and access to concierge services. We do everything possible to make our patients’ time at our facility as comfortable so they can focus on getting the care they need.

Contact us today to learn more.
Phone: 561.671.7027
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