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Admission Procedure - Drug Addiction Services and Intervention


The most difficult part of admission to our program is deciding to make the life-changing phone call to our admissions staff. Once you're here, the Admission Process follows these simple steps as part of our drug and alcohol intervention:

  1. You will enter the building through a specially-designated entrance and take a private elevator to our welcoming, fifth floor lobby.
  2. Your vitals will be taken, along with several other health assessments, including a chest X-ray, blood and urine tests and an EKG. These tests provide our physicians with a baseline health evaluation that will help determine your individual treatment plan.
  3. The Palms' staff will help you feel at home, getting you settled into your room, easing your anxieties, helping you with meal selections and beginning your treatment.
  4. The length of your stay will be determined by you and your physician based on your level of physical dependence. Most detox patients stay at The Palms for 3 to 7 days. This time frame allows your body to be titrated from substances and then you can move on to the next stage of your recovery.
  5. The Palms caters to a discriminating clientele that is seeking a program with customized treatment plans and personal attention in a luxurious, discreet and private setting. As such, we are not able to accept insurance.  Please contact us at 561.671.7027 to discuss payment options.

Family Intervention


While many patients admit themselves into our program, others are admitted by loved ones who are concerned about a family member's drug or alcohol addiction. When, despite all reason, threats and ultimatums, an addict seems unable to help him/herself, the situation may call for a family intervention. When this is indicated, the staff at The Palms can help. Even when done successfully, an intervention is a difficult task that requires the delicacy and skills of a trained interventionist. This individual will help you put a treatment plan in place, organizing the process and meeting with the individuals who will be involved. When the addict realizes that his or her problem is no longer a secret and is negatively impacting those around him/her, many will agree to detox admission at The Palms.


Discharge Planning


While choosing The Palms Detox at Good Samritan Medical Center is an important step toward recovery, it is only the first step. Upon completion of the program at The Palms, you will be sober and have many issues to deal with, bad habits to unlearn and good ones to learn. In order to move forward with your life and continue to succeed, it is suggested that our patients seek the option of continuum therapy, therapy, or individual support.


At The Palms, our doctors and counselors are here to help you move forward in your recovery. We will help you find the apporpriate level of care that is best suited to your individual situation. Please contact us for additional detox or drug addiction information.