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About Good Samaritan

Founded in 1920, Good Samaritan Medical Center in Palm Beach County, Florida is a 333-bed provider of medical, surgical, oncology, orthopedic, cardiac, obstetrics, outpatient and emergency services. Our healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing high quality, sophisticated healthcare in a compassionate setting.   
The entrance to our inpatient drug and alcohol hospital detox program in Palm Beach is located on the fifth floor, which is a completely private entrance. We value our patients' privacy and discretion, which is why we've made the check-in process a completely confidential experience.    
                                             GSMC Hosptial Photo

The Good Samaritan Hospital is one of the finest hospitals in the area. During your stay at The Palms, you will be supervised by highly trained and experienced medical professionals who will ensure that your detox process stays on track. Our staff at the detox hospital treats each patient with the utmost respect, care and confidentiality.

When you walk into our lobby, you will probably feel more like you are checking into a hotel rather than a hospital detox program in Florida. Our lounge area is comfortable and well furnished and has WiFi access. For your own convenience and privacy, we can arrange for a personal escort to pick you up from the airport or from the location of your choice.

During your stay, you will be treated to excellently prepared meals from our private chef, as well as find in-room robes and other comforts of home. During your stay, you will also have access to concierge services such as dry cleaning and massages.

Please call to learn more about our Palm Beach hospital detox program.