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When alcohol and drug consumption has gotten out of control, and you and your loved ones realize the toll it is taking, these powerful words can be the first step to a whole new life.

When you are ready, we are ready, too. As one of a select few hospital-based, medically supervised alcohol and drug detoxification centers, The Palms Medical Detox is dedicated to helping you get on the road to recovery by offering:

  • A hospital-based treatment program
  • Highly trained, compassionate healthcare professionals
  • A private, confidential and discrete program
  • Specialized treatment for an array of alcohol and drug addictions
  • All the conveniences and comforts of a luxury hotel, with the highest quality medical care

If you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, we can help. The Palms offers a safe, private, confidential and caring environment to get the help you need. Our medical detox program gives you access to some of the best physicians at Good Samaritan Medical Center, while providing medical care for you in a provate setting. These components allow you to truly make yourself at home and get better. Patients are treated to scenic intracoastal views and concierge services to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

This medically-based drug and alcohol detoxification program is designed to help patients get the care they need by making it as comfortable as possible. Our staff will be sensitive to your needs and respect your privacy and confidentiality at all times.

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The Palms

Private Hospital Based Detoxification

includes treatment for the following addictions:

- Alcohol
- Club Drugs
- Heroin
- Methadone
- Narcotics
- Opiates
- Oxycontin
- Prescription medications
- Other addictive drugs

Professional Interventions:

Have a family member or loved one that's struggling or unwilling to help themselves for their alcohol or drug problem? Learn more of how we can help.Click here.


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